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Discover Unmatched Privacy and Exclusive Gate Access:

At Ala D'Mansion, we invite you to step into a world of unmatched privacy and exclusivity. Our secure gated entrance, featuring three separate doors, ensures a peaceful and cherished haven. Inside, the villa's spacious living areas boast elegant furnishings and soaring 4.5-meter high ceilings, radiating pure sophistication.

Indulge in Sumptuous Amenities and Expansive Terrace:

Embrace unrivaled luxury as you indulge in your private jacuzzi, relax in the inviting outdoor sitting area, and enjoy the 15-meter long swimming pool, perfect for ultimate relaxation. Experience the enchanting ambiance of our Tuscan-inspired outdoor fireplace and dining area, cocooned by lush greenery and panoramic vistas. Each room and living area boasts its own private terrace, inviting you to savor the breathtaking surroundings.

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Private Master Bedroom Haven:

The grand master bedroom, sprawled over 140 sqm, offers an exclusive retreat with its own jacuzzi and a private resting area nestled amidst the surrounding trees. A sanctuary within a sanctuary, this luxurious space ensures moments of serenity and indulgence.


Dedicated Butler and Maid Services:

To cater to your every desire, Ala D'Mansion offers the services of a dedicated butler and maid. They will be at your service to ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary, attending to your needs with warmth and attention to detail.

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Seamless Access to Ala Suites&Villas:


As a cherished guest of Ala D'Mansion, you'll have exclusive access to the captivating world of Ala Suites&Villas. Relish the secluded paradise of a private deck by the sea, embrace cutting-edge facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym and rejuvenating spa services, all accompanied by a generous 25% discount on extras during your stay with us.

Adventure and Recreation Aplenty:

For enthusiasts of active living, Ala D'Mansion offers a well-equipped gym, small football and volleyball fields, and an array of sporting facilities. Wander along enchanting trails, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the splendor of the natural landscape enveloping the estate.


Enchanting Guest House:

A separate glass-walled guest house awaits, offering spellbinding views of the sea and city. Revel in utmost seclusion and opulence within its stylish living area, gracefully appointed bedroom, indulgent bathroom, and a kitchenette designed for the connoisseur.

Unwind with Outdoor Delights:

Ala D'Mansion takes outdoor indulgence to new heights with another lavish jacuzzi by the pool, inviting you to soak in pure bliss. The outdoor sitting area, complemented by a fireplace, sets the stage for evenings filled with warmth and camaraderie under the starry sky.

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Unravel the Magic of Ala D'Mansion:

Encompassing an extensive 13,000 sqm estate, with the main house sprawling over 850 sqm, Ala D'Mansion bestows an unparalleled experience of luxury living amidst a picturesque coastal paradise. Our devoted staff, breathtaking vistas, and serene ambiance unite to present an enchanting escape nestled in the embrace of nature's bounty.


Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury:

Book your stay at Ala D'Mansion and transport yourself to a realm of timeless splendor and unparalleled refinement. Immerse yourself in a world of extraordinary experiences that redefine the very essence of luxury living.

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